Reasons to Use a Storage Unit When You're a Student

Pursuing your education beyond school is an exciting prospect. At the same time, it can come with logistical challenges. Those challenges are especially pronounced when it comes to managing where you'll keep your stuff at various times during the academic year. Here are some reasons why a storage unit may benefit you. Safety During Your Absence It's unlikely that you'll spend the entirety of your academic year in your student accommodation. [Read More]

What Are the Pros of Owning a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit?

Your typical storage unit might not be enough to protect some items. Sensitive goods can easily get damaged when exposed to unfavourable temperatures. That is why you need a different kind of storage to preserve such goods in proper condition.  In this case, a climate-controlled storage unit is what you need. As the name suggests, these units maintain the inner temperatures to protect items stored in them. You can keep your antique or favourite guitar without worrying about rusting or mould damaging it. [Read More]

Slimline Water Tanks – How Rainwater Catchment Would Be Advantageous To You

Throughout Australia, there has been an increasing interest in rainwater harvesting among homeowners. With drought affecting more and more areas, individuals are looking to water catchment as a way to supplement their regular groundwater supply. However, some homeowners may be wary about purchasing a water tank if they do not have adequate space on their property or would not want to install one underground. Fortunately, tank styles have been evolved over the years, and you now can choose a slimline tank. [Read More]

Two reasons to store your excess belongings in a storage facility instead of in your home

Most people own at least a few items that they do not regularly use, but which they would prefer not to throw away or sell. Examples of such items might include a family heirloom that has a lot of sentimental value, or barbecue and gardening equipment that is used occasionally during the summer months. In most cases, people simply store these goods in their garage or attic. However, it is almost always best to keep these types of items in storage units. [Read More]