Two reasons to store your excess belongings in a storage facility instead of in your home

Most people own at least a few items that they do not regularly use, but which they would prefer not to throw away or sell. Examples of such items might include a family heirloom that has a lot of sentimental value, or barbecue and gardening equipment that is used occasionally during the summer months. In most cases, people simply store these goods in their garage or attic. However, it is almost always best to keep these types of items in storage units. [Read More]

Important Tips When Choosing a Shipping Container for Storage

Shipping containers are rugged and durable and last for many years, so they can be used for onsite or offsite storage for your company and not just for shipping. They even work as outside office space when you need something portable or temporary for workers, such as on a construction site. Since using a container for storage or for mobile office space is a bit different than using it for shipping, note a few important tips when you're about to shop, so you know you get a container that works for your storage needs in particular. [Read More]

Five Storage Tips for People Who Live in Mobile Homes

Mobile homes can be a cozy, affordable place to live, but they don't always offer enough storage space. If you are wondering what to do about storage, here are some tips to consider. There are a range of solutions that may work depending on your situation. 1. Add a garage or shed. The easiest solution to mobile home storage is adding extra storage space next to your mobile home. A shed or a new garage are perfect. [Read More]

Organising your storage space: a guide for moving house

When you're moving house or going away for an extended period, you may need somewhere to store your belongings for a time. A storage shed or locker is an affordable way to get some extra space. To get the best out of your storage space, organise it effectively. The clearer your plan and labelling, the easier your storage unit will be to use.  Vary box size Large boxes seem like a great solution for storing your belongings; after all, you can fit more things in a larger box. [Read More]